Manolates Village is a famous little traditional village for its wine
producing, touristy handmade shops and gorgeous views.
Manolates Samos mountain village is a charming little quaint
village that you must see during your visit in Samos Island.

Manolates Village maintains its unique character and charm  with
its narrow alleyway cobblestone streets and traditional little stone
houses which are decorated with beautiful flowers. Manolates  
Village has a little picture perfect square that is surrounded by  
souvenir, arts & crafts, custom handmade jewelery,  &  
handmade ceramics shops, restaurants, tavernas & cafés. There
are many cafés & tavernas which serve traditional Greek cuisine,
and local Greek wine.
Stroll through the pretty village where you can enjoy the amazing
views of the Aegean Sea with the Turkish coast in the
background, mountains with lush vegetation, olive groves, pine
trees, and terraced  vineyards.  Taking a day trip to Manolates
Village, where you will enjoy
shopping at the souvenir and pottery
shops as well as enjoy the Greek island hospitality, is an
unforgettable experience that takes you back in time. In Manolates
there are rooms to rent, it's like a bed and breakfast, so you can
spent a few days in the village if you like.

How to get there?
You can get to Manolates Village from Agios Konstantinos, a
seaside village. I took a taxi from Agios Konstantinos to
Manolates and I made arrangements with the taxi driver to come
and pick me up at the end of my day trip.
There is a regular scheduled bus between Samos Town, Kokkari,
Agios Konstantinos, & Karlovassi that you can take to get to
Agios Konstantinos seaside village.
If you have a rental car
see map of how to get there. There is a
narrow winding road that takes you from Agios Konstantinos,
Platanakia area to the village. Manolates Village is 25 km from
Samos Town and approximately 10 km from Karlovassi Town, in
Samos Island, Greece.

If you enjoy walking or hiking you can get to Manolates from the
village of Vourliotes.
There are many hiking trails in the area surrounding the village of
Manolates. Also local travel agents in the area of Kokkari resort
organize groups of tourists that want to go hiking during the
months of April through June & September through November.
The trails around Manolates are very scenic and very beautiful.   
    Manolates Village, Samos, Greece Photos

    Manolates, Samos is your small quaint  
    mountain village for your unforgettable
    Greek island holiday destination.

    Manolates, Samos offers great arts &
    crafts shops, traditional tavernas & cafés,
    amazing scenery, hiking & rich culture.
Photos of Manolate Village, Samos Greece below

Samos island is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.
See best
Greek cooking & Greek Appetizers recommendations.

This is your best travel guide to Samos Island, Greece quaint mountain village off the beaten track, where you can enjoy
unforgettable scenery, strolling through alley way streets, handicraft shopping, & the warm hospitality of the friendly
people. Enjoy the Greek Island traditional village culture !!!
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Manolates Village, Samos, Greece Photos
Manolates Village, Samos, Greece Photos
Photos of Manolates Samos traditional Greek island houses below
Photos of Manolates Village, Samos Island pottery shops below
Picture of Manolates-Samos Greek jewelry handicraft shop below
Photos of Manolates-Samos traditional Greek tavernas below
Images below of shops where you can buy locally produced items such as honey, oregano, Samos wine, & Ouzo
Images of Manolates Samos traditional Greek island houses below
Photos of Manolates Samos traditional Greek island village square "Platia" below
Images of traditional stone house in Manolates Village,
Samos Island, Greece right
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